Dress Code

Our dress code is to help take the conversation of clothing off the table.  It is also to help our students dress with modesty when it comes to their appearance.  Definite colors and styles have been established and purchasing of the items is at the discretion of each family.  Clothing must only be standard in color and style.  The following outlines the dress code.

  • Shirts– Any color solid polo style shirt.  The material may be the traditional pique or dry fit fabric.  the only permitted logo on the shirt will be a TCA logo.
  • Pants– Pants are to be casual dress style or pull on elastic waist that have regular or wide leg pants.  The pants may have ruffle at the bottom,  but must be solid and color and only the approved colors.  Approved colors for pants are black, navy, or khaki in color.  No denim fabric, skinny legs, jeggings, or spandex or yoga pants permitted.  Leggings must be solid black, solid navy, or solid gray in color.
  • Dresses, skirts, skorts, and shorts–  All dresses, skirts, skorts, and shorts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.  Approved colors are black, navy, or khaki in color.  Polo style uniform dresses, jumpers, skorts, and safari style belted uniform dresses are approved styles.
  • Jackets and Cardigans– Jackets are allowed in the classroom as long as they are a zip front style.  Cardigans and jackets must be solid in color.  Cardigans and jackets must be worn open in the classroom.  No pull over sweaters, sweatshirts, or hoodies are to be worn in the classroom.
  • Shoes– Shoes on Monday and Friday must be athletic shoes for P.E.  No flip flops are allowed to be worn as they can cause a safety hazard to the students on the stairs and the playground. Sandals can be worn but must have a back strap.

During dress down and Spirit weeks, students are still to dress in a modest manner.  Girls will not be allowed to wear spaghetti straps or tank top shirts without a shirt covering them.  Sleeveless shirts are permitted as long as they cover from the edge of the neck to the edge of the shoulder.  Girls will be allowed to wear leggings on these days as long as the bottom of the shirt is fingertip length.